Gambar Awek Bikini at Malaysia Beach

If you are Awek Melayu and want to have a good holiday in Kuantan... there is no problem, if you are on the Malaysia east cost beach.

About Kuantan Beach, Malaysia… well, if you are on a secluded hotel beach like Club Med, no objections. Otherwise, I would advise against wearing a bikini on a public beach, or walking around or to the shops with a bikini as Awek Melayu Bikini.

Best, wear a bikini if you go to swim, always carry a long sleeved shirt and a large pareo or sarung in your bag in case you need to run somewhere else more public. Its will avoid local resident staring at you and make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you Awek Melayu and wearing bikini.

Gambar Awek Bikini at Malaysia Beach


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