Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where to Buy Bikini in Malaysia?

Where to Buy Bikini in Malaysia?

My friend asks me where to buy a bikini swimsuit other than Roxy and Quiksilver outlets in Malaysia. I am also thinking of buying 1 for my girlfriend as her 3rd swimsuit.

There a various shop sell swimming suit in Malaysia. Among them are:
  • Try check in 1Utama. Nice swimming suits some in 3 piece (the ones with the little skirt too).
  • Woman's Secret (all major shopping malls) is now having a sale and has nice bikinis with good padding and secure clips.
  • TopShop (all major shopping malls) has a good selection this summer with modest yet stylish cuttings. Some designs are costly but that depends on which you like.
  • Padini Authentics (all major shopping malls) has some this season. Not a lot but also adds to the choices. Sale but might not have discount as its new arrival.
Personally I like the TopShop ones. The Woman's Secret are very pretty and sexy but for a first timer might be too much: p

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gambar Melayu Berbikini Bercium Mulut!

Gambar Melayu Berbikini Bercium Mulut!

Why some Malay chicks love kissing with same gender? It is soo lesby. We accidentally see one of Awek Melayu Bikini Bercium, and love to share with you guys : p She so sexy and athletic body type. No wonder she matches with her bikini attire.

Gambar Melayu berbikini bercium:

Gambar Melayu berbikini with her friends:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Melayu Malaysia Boleh Berbikini

Melayu Malaysia Boleh Berbikini!

The main idea of this blog is where Malay girls can happily wear their bikinis and maybe for those extra daring, to wear those ultra revealing and sexy bikini without much worries of people staring or snapping photographs with their camera or handphones.

Some of our member suggest, go to Perhentian Islands... if you're Asian.

Why? Because the locals won't bat an eye lid at Asians...they are too busy looking at the Caucasian tourists. How ironic it is for an island off the east coast of Malaysia which is known for their strict religious adherence to be anglosaxonised - cultured and nonchalant.

Melayu Malaysia Boleh Berbikini:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Lelaki Melayu Love Skodeng Melayu Bikini?

Why Lelaki Melayu Love Skodeng Melayu Bikini?

I went to Pulau Pangkor during CNY two years back, and my bestie’s gf (ex gf now) wore this skimpy bikini on a public beach. WHY, I don’t know! But I’ll tell you that men started taking out their mobile phones to capture/record her in a bikini. It made me really uncomfortable because of the way they kept eying her. If you love the attention then so be it. Not my cup of tea though.

I recommended you girls wear a bikini when during low peak season because I know no one will be bothered unlike here. Well, you need to be brave enough to wear bikini in Malaysia :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can we wear bikini in Malaysia?

Can we wear bikini in Malaysia?

To be honest, wearing a bikini in Malaysia is entirely up to you, whether or not you are okay with men staring at you. But what I can say based on experience is wear it IF you’re staying in some high end resort. Because then nobody will give a darn or even if they do, at least they will have the decency not to stare.

If you think it's a good and nice place, do put down some estimation for how much it cost so that everyone can maybe plan their next holiday or weekend break over there? Just leave a comment below.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gambar Awek Melayu Bikini Bogel?

Gambar Awek Melayu Bikini Bogel?

Awek Melayu Bikini Bogel? Probably you guys will think Awek Melayu wear Bikini is Awek Melayu Bogel. However, it’s a myth. Bikini also include as swimwear, so technically it’s a cloth too.

Only sexy daring Malay chicks wear bikini. Do your girlfriend wear bikini too? Below we added several of Gambar Awek Melayu Bikini taken somewhere in Malaysia island.

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