Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bikini Tips for Gadis Melayu

Bikini Tips for Gadis Melayu

Bright colors look great on Gadis Melayu Bikini

During end year holiday season, planning to the beach with bikini can be challenging. It is also important to think when choosing a certain style of bikini.

Bikini Tips 1) Go shopping for a pretty swimsuit that suits your shape (Asian type body shape). For Gadis Melayu, bright colors look great on tanned or dark skin.

Bikini Tips 2) Remove all unwanted body hair and give your body a full exfoliation with a body scrub. You can buy body scrub in local shop such as Guardian, Body Shop and Watson

Bikini Tips 3) Apply a clear sunscreen (30 SPF) all over your body and face, and spray a fresh irresistible scent.

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