Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gambar Artis Melayu Malaysia Bikini

Gambar Artis Melayu Malaysia in Bikini

In 80s, Bikini starting been accepted by Malaysian after top Artis Melayu wear swimwear in certain local movies (exp: Harry Boy, Boss, Driving School). Famous Artis Melayu wear bikini and swimwear during 80s-90s such as Rahmona Rahman, Julia Rais, Jasmin Hamid, Ziela Jalil and Sofia Jane. Now days, new generation of Artis Melayu Malaysia was spotted wear bikini such as Dania Danielle, Maya Karin, Zarina Ann Julie and Jaslina Hashim.

In 90s, proper swimwear such as bikini is compulsory in swimming pools and water-themes park in Malaysia. Its make bikini more accepted and widely available in lingerie shops for Malaysian.


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